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Do you offer your clients an exclusive service?

You Can Now and Build Real Digital Assets for Your Agency.

We ONLY work with 1 Agency in each Geography so this IS Exclusive!

Training & Support Provided So You Will Succeed!

Grow Agency Revenue via an Exclusive Service Offering.

Your Competitors Do NOT Offer This!
  • Allows you to do things PerfectAudience, AdRoll and Google can't or won't
  • Leverage Google, Bing and 286 Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges and Traffic Aggregators
  • Put 40 Million Websites (& The MAJOR Media Sites) to work for your clients
  • Completely Own Your Traffic Sources (the Money is in the List and these lists become Agency Assets) 
  • Create Your Client's Targeting Lists using High Traffic Websites and Keywords 
  • Increase Agency Revenue from Ad Set and Landing Page Creation & Optimization
  • Your Targeting Lists are Built via Ad Impressions Rather Than Clicks 
  • Build a 10,000 Unique Visitor "Interest Based" Prospect List for as little as $40.00 (only available via our platform)
  • Pay Only Pennies Per Ad Impression to these Highly Targeted Custom Lists
  • Retain Clients Longer by FINALLY Having an Exclusive Offering (they can only get this from you)
Your Client Ads across the Google Ad Network.
At the lowest possible bid rate!
No 3rd Party Markup.

Buy Wholesale from the Ad Networks and Sell at Retail. Both You AND your Clients will Benefit.

Your Client Ads across the Bing Ad Network.
At the lowest possible bid rate! 
No 3rd Party Markup.

Actually YOU become the 3rd Party rather than Google, PerfectAudience or AdRoll.

Use Your Agency Facebook SmartPixel.
Build a list via High Traffic websites AND build a Facebook list  at NO added cost. 

Lists show up in your Facebook Business Manager Account as SmartPixel Events to Target Your Clients Ads to.

Leverage 286 Ad Networks, 
Ad Exchanges and
Traffic Aggregators.
Expand the Reach & Visibility of Your Client to Websites their Prospects are Actively Visiting.

Go from the Local Zip Code Level to the Global Marketplace on ONE Platform.


Only 7% of prospects are currently "in market" and ready to buy today.

So, you must have a system to stay in front of the remaining 93% so that they don't forget about your client when they're ready to buy!

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We Specialize In Working with Small Law Firms & Solo Law Practices.
As you can imagine this is a limited offering so if you're interested give us a call and be the ONLY Agency in your area with this Technology.
Call 303.437.2063
NOTE: Until we have a Partner Agency in your area we can provide this service to your Agency.

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