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We ONLY work with 1 Agency in each City so this is an "Area Exclusive" Service Offering!

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Weekly Training & Rapid Support Provided So You Will Succeed!

Grow YOUR Agency's Revenue via an "Exclusive" Service Offering.

Offer Something Your Competitors Can't!
  • Do things PerfectAudience, AdRoll and Google Can't or Won't let You.
  • Build Lists via "Ad Impressions" Rather Than "Website Visits" (only recently possible).
  • Build a 10,000 "Interest Based" Unique Visitor Prospect List for $40.00.
  • Build Facebook Custom Audiences (at NO extra cost).
  • Buy Ad Impressions for as little as .35 cents per 1000 (CPM).
  • Dominate Google, Bing and 286 Display Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges and Traffic Aggregators for LOCAL Clients.
  • Put 40 Million Websites (& The MAJOR Media Sites) to Work for Your Clients.
  • OWN Your Traffic Sources (the Money's in the List and these Lists become YOUR Agency Assets).
  • Increase Agency Revenue via Ad Set and Sales Funnel Creation & Optimization.
  • Obtain & Retain Clients by offering an Exclusive Service (they can only get this from you).
  • Get into the Fast Growing "Sales Funnel" Business (its what will replace WordPress & Standard Websites).

Email Pat Howlett at pat [@] or call 303.437.2063

Local Agencies Using Our Platform...

Offer a Prospecting & Lead Generation Service NO Competitor Can!
Your Client Ads across the Google Ad Network.
At the lowest possible bid rate!
No 3rd Party Markup.

Buy Wholesale from the Ad Networks and Sell at Retail. Both You AND your Clients will Benefit.

Your Client Ads across the Bing Ad Network.
At the lowest possible bid rate! 
No 3rd Party Markup.

Actually YOU become the 3rd Party rather than Google, PerfectAudience or AdRoll.

Your Client Ads in the Facebook News Feeds.
Build a list via High Traffic websites AND build a Facebook list  at NO added cost. 

Lists show up in your Facebook Business Manager Account as SmartPixel Events to Target Your Clients Ads to.

Plus another 70 Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges and Traffic Aggregators.
Expand the Reach & Visibility of Your Clients to Websites their Prospects are "Already Visiting".

Digital Marketing from the Global Marketplace (all Ad Network Countries) down to the Local US Zip Code Level on the Same Platform.


Only 3% of Prospects are Currently "In Market" and "Ready to Buy Today".

With our service you can make sure your Client's Ads are in Front of these website visitors.

Email Pat Howlett at pat [@] or call 303.437.2063

Call Pat @ 303.437.2063

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